• Project Location

    268 Keefer Street

  • Building Hours

    8AM-7PM, 7 days a week.

    BC Artscape office hours: 10AM-4PM, M-F

BC Artscape is creating a community cultural hub in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Spanning three vacant floors and the rooftop of the Sun Wah Centre at 268 Keefer street, BC Artscape Sun Wah will bring together a diverse mix of artists, cultural producers, community groups and the public to create a community asset for Chinatown that enriches its unique sense of place.

在溫哥華唐人街,BC Artscape正在創造一個社區文化中心。「BC Artscape新華」將佔用新華中心(268 Keefer Street)的三層空置樓層及其屋頂,聚集藝術家、文化創造家、社區團體和廣大公眾,打造一個豐富唐人街獨具地方特色的社區資產。

BC Artscape Sun Wah aspires to be a place where:
BC Artscape新華立志擁有以下特色:
  • We welcome everyone regardless of age, socioeconomic status, language, culture or gender.  我們誠摯歡迎所有人,無論男女老少,也無論社會經濟地位和語言、文化背景。
  • Artists, cultural producers, and community groups are supported by 49,000 square feet of secure space that is devoted to artistic inspiration, cultural expression, collaboration and learning. 我們擁有4.9萬平方英尺的安全空間,幫助藝術家、文化創造者和社區團體致力於藝術靈感、文化表現、互相協作與學習。
  • The heritage values and cultural landscape of Chinatown is reflected in our tenanting, programming and spaces. Language accessibility is supported by Chinese-speaking staff and translation. 我們在租賃、方案規劃和空間方面都體現了唐人街的傳承價值觀和文化環境。華語員工和翻譯將扶持語言交流順暢。
  • We acknowledge the influx of capital we are bringing to the neighborhood and will share space, information, and resources with low-income people and support the businesses in the community that are essential to low-income people. 我們明白將引進的投資,並會與低收入人群共享空間、信息和資源,扶持低收入群眾賴以生存的社區企業。
  • Arts and culture is recognized as central to community building and connectedness. Programming offered by our tenants and program partners will appeal to a broad range of audiences and experiences to encourage community participation. 我們將藝術和文化視為社區建設與聯系的關鍵所在。我們的租戶和項目夥伴提供的活動和節目會吸引廣泛的觀眾並鼓勵社會參與。
  • Cultural activities and community events will be supported by three new affordable and accessible spaces, a public lounge with a community kitchen, and a rooftop garden. 我們擁有三個新空間和一個帶有社區廚房和屋頂花園的公共休息區,用以支持文化活動和社區公開活動。
  • The diverse community will be involved in the governance and operations of the space through a community stewardship model that is rooted in the historical and changing cultural context of the Chinatown and DTES neighborhoods. 我們通過社區管理模式來進行多元化社區的空間管理和運作,該模式是在唐人街和溫哥華市中心東端(DTES)的社區歷史背景和不斷變化的文化背景之下孕育而生的。
  • Relationships and partnerships between our tenants and the wider community are built on collaboration, respect, and reciprocity. 我們的租戶和廣大社區之間在協作、尊重和互惠的基礎上進行相互聯系和合作。

We are currently in lease negotiations with tenants who have been selected with the guidance of our Community Steering Committee and according to the tenant criteria developed throughout our community engagement. Occupancy is expected for March 2018. 


Community Engagement 社會參與

We are committed to community engagement as an essential part of our project development process.  In December 2016, with the support of June Chow and Carmut Me, we began extensive consultations with a broad range of local artists, cultural groups, business owners, residents, and other stakeholders on the role of a community arts and cultural space in Chinatown. 我們承諾將社區參與作為我們項目開發過程的重要組成部分。2016年12月,在June Chow和Carmut Me的支持下,我們與當地藝術家、文化團體、商戶、居民以及其他股東針對的唐人街社區文化藝術空間的作用進行了廣泛的磋商。

Click to find out more about what we have learned so far throughout our ongoing community engagement and how we have responded in the project’s mission, tenanting, design and programming. 了解更多我們到目前為止在不斷的社區參與過程中了解的情況,以及我們針對項目的使命、租賃、設計和方案規劃作出的回應。

Community Steering Committee 社區指導委員會:

We have established a Community Steering Committee as part of our community engagement process.  Composed of local community members, the Community Steering Committee provides their guidance and expertise on the project’s design and vision, identifying and assessing potential tenants, and sharing information about the project’s goals and progress.


Community Steering Committee members 社區指導委員會的成員有:

Bill Yuen, Heritage Vancouver Society 溫哥華遺產協會

Yuriko Iga, Owner 店主, Blim

William Liu, Owner, Kam Wai Dim Sum 金威南北點心店主

Terry Hunter, Executive Director of Vancouver Moving Theatre and Artistic Producer of DTES Heart of the City Festival

Al Cheng, Owner, Chinatown Flea Market 新華中心百貨市場店主

Rika Uto, Arts Programmer, Carnegie Centre

Kate Armstrong, BC Artscape Board representative

Current Space Opportunities 空間租用機會

We invite professional artists and collectives, not-for profit arts, cultural and community organizations, and community groups to apply to be a tenant in the BC Artscape Sun Wah project at 268 Keefer Street in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Units for rent are available on the lower level, 3rd floor and 4th floor for uses including but not limited to: production, exhibition, education, social service provision, programming and administration.

我們邀請各藝術家,非營利機構或文化與社會團體和組織申請租出BC Artscape 在溫哥華唐人街奇化街268號的空間。「BC Artscape 新華」會將多元化的藝術家,文化創造家,社會團體和公眾聚集一起共同創造能加強唐人街獨有地方感的社會資產。可出租單位位置在地下層,三樓和四樓。單位的用途不限於製作、展覽、教育、社會服務活動、節目和辦公。

Contact us for information about current spaces 聯絡我們

Tenant Selection 租戶合格和選擇

Our tenant selection process is a reflection of what we’ve learned throughout our ongoing community engagement process. With the guidance of the Community Steering Committee, tenants are selected based on the values and themes that are informing the emerging project vision, including: working sensitively in the neighborhood, providing a platform that encourages intergenerational and intercultural connections and active transmission of heritage, and a place that welcomes all members of the community. 租戶選擇過程體現了我們在整個社區參與過程中了解的情況。在社區指導委員會的指導下,根據項目使命相關的價值觀和主題來選擇租戶,包括進行體貼的社區工作,提供一個鼓勵代際和跨文化交流、積極傳承遺產的平台以及一個歡迎所有社區成員的場所。

Many tenants will be artists, non-profits and community groups already actively working in, or seeking ways to engage with, the neighbourhood. Being in the Sun Wah Centre will further support their mandates and provide opportunities to connect and learn from each other and the wider community. The project vision and selected tenants will be shared in the coming weeks as we head towards operations in Fall 2017. 許多藝術家、非營利組織和社區團體都將成為我們的租戶,他們已經積極參與或正在尋求方式參與到社區工作中。加入新華中心將進一步幫助他們完成使命,並為他們提供相互之間以及與社區之間進行相互聯系與學習的機會。隨著我們2017年秋季業務逐步到來,未來幾周內我們將分配選定的租戶。

Tenant Selection Criteria 評估標準

Capacity: Does the applicant have the capacity to realize their vision and goals? 能力: 申請人是否有能力實現他的願景與目標嗎?

  1. Does the applicant demonstrate the necessary level of experience to deliver on their vision for the space? 申請人是否表現了發行他對空間的願景所需的能力和經驗?
  2. Does the applicant have the financial capacity to deliver on what is proposed in their submission? 申請人是否有財務的能力實踐他們的提案?

Community Engagement: will the applicant engage local communities and audiences? 社會參與:申請人會否聯繫本地社區及觀眾?

  1. How will the applicant contribute to the Chinatown/DTES community and seek to engage local communities in their work? 申請人會怎樣貢獻給華埠/市中心東端社區和尋找機會與社區聯繫?
  2. What is the applicant’s history of service to the local community and commitment to providing programming to help animate the centre? 申請人過去對社會的服務和對在中心內提供節目的承諾?
  3. How will the applicant seek to collaborate with others in the centre? 申請人會怎樣尋找和其他租戶的合作機會?

Space Needs 空間需求: :

  1. Does the proposed use of the dedicated space fit within the emerging vision of the project? 提案的空間用途是否適合項目的願景?
  2. Does the proposed dedicated space have synergy with the other proposed dedicated space uses? 提案的專用空間是否與其他租戶的空間有協同?

Founding Tenants 創建租戶: