BC Artscape is an independent non-profit urban development organization based in Vancouver. Affiliated with the globally-recognized Artscape, our mandate is to to develop cultural spaces in BC that serve the needs of artists and cultural organization as well as the local community. Projects of BC Artscape are carefully designed to address the challenges and opportunities of their particular local context employing a creative placemaking approach.

Creative placemaking is practice that leverages the power of culture to serve artists and support community objectives.  On the ground, this means an in-depth community engagement process through project development and operations that is reflected in a unique project vision. Although rooted in and serving the arts and cultural sector, creative placemaking also seeks to grow strong local economies, socially inclusive communities and a more sustainable environment.

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BC Artscape’s start-up funding is generously supported by the City of Vancouver, Vancity Community and the JW McConnell Foundation.