BC Artscape and the City of Surrey have partnered together to explore the potential for an affordable and accessible Community Cultural Hub in Surrey.

This project builds upon the City of Surrey’s current community cultural development initiatives in City Centre and Newton. The development of a Cultural Hub will serve to strengthen community connections, establish new partnerships, and advance the City’s vision of a Cultural Corridor along King George Boulevard.

Our work will support the vision of Surrey’s Cultural Plan to:

  • Create a sustainable, dynamic and socially cohesive City with an enviable quality of life
  • Ensure that Cultural industries will be a significant component of Surrey’s economy
  • Establish Surrey City Centre with its major public art installations and the cultural facilities as a model of public space design and a focus of cultural activities
  • Draw regional, national, and international visitors to Surrey

Working with the Community

While cultural hubs serve the needs of the creative sector, they also foster community and sense of place. The vision for a community cultural hub in Surrey will be developed from the ground up in the local community and will respond to the needs and interests of neighbors, community partners, and other local stakeholders. Plans for the hub will be developed in response to this shared vision and the community will continue to have an important role to play in stewarding the project once it has opened.

Our community engagement process will begin in early 2017. In the meantime, you can participate by signing up for project updates, events and news at the bottom of this page.