Chinatown Community Cultural Hub Report #1 社會參與進展報告

BC Artscape has been undertaking extensive consultations with local artists, cultural groups, business owners, residents, and other stakeholders in Chinatown and surrounding neighborhoods to gain an understanding of the community’s needs and current cultural landscape of the neighbourhood. Engagement is being done in several ways including our online visioning survey; one-on-one discussions and interviews as well as our community steering committee that has been guiding the tenant selection process.

Through community engagement, we hope to develop a community-based vision that responds to the needs of the neighhourhood, define the operating plan, and inform the types of partnerships we should build and programs/activities that fit the needs of the community. So far, the themes and values emerged through this process are that the BC Artscape space should:

  • Work sensitively in the neighbourhood 
  • Be a place where active transmission of heritage happens
  • Be a place to connect across cultures and generations
  • Be a public place to gather

We understand that our neighbourhood is undergoing a lot of change. The community engagement work also helps us determine what role the hub should play by understanding different perspectives on the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing the community.

Here are some of the things our stakeholders are saying about the cultural landscape in Chinatown:

The cultural landscape is very vibrant, there are a lot of great artists and musicians. Although many traditional activities may not be publicized and are not as visible on the streets as they used to be, they are still happening.” – Community group

“I am concerned about new businesses moving in blindly and not serving the existing community. I hope to see more businesses drawing people here, but hope that these businesses are ones that honor the cultural stories and welcome the locals that actually live here.” – Resident

“I used to come here with my grandmother and I feel that it would be a shame if some of these traditional places are lost and sad to think that my grandmother will not recognize Chinatown anymore.” – Youth and arts facilitator

About the role of a community arts and cultural hub in the neighbourhood:

“The space should provide an opportunity to bring people together, provide space for sharing stories, bridging cultural differences and deepening cultural understanding through food, education, and the arts.” – Community group

“It should have resources for the low-income and Chinese speaking seniors, as a place for them to gather, have tea, chat or play mah jong.” – Community group

“I’m just glad the space will be filled.” – Business owner

“I hope there would be more focus on creating spaces for gathering that pays homage to heritage and unique character of the neighbourhood.” – Youth

“It is important that it encourages participation from the neighbourhood by being approachable, welcoming and not exclusive. Arts should attract not only people from the arts community but also the surrounding community.” – Gallery

“There is an opportunity for broadening the idea of what Chinatown is. The programs should engage and connect neighbourhood residents, and be inclusive in a way that does not position one group above another.” – New resident

“A new place for seniors to experience, a reason for young people to get involved in the arts.” – Community group

We are committed to community engagement as an essential part of our project development process and will be continuing on with this work as the project develops and moves forward into operation.

If you would like to share your ideas, please fill out our survey or contact us .In addition to the work above, we are also planning roundtable discussions with community groups in the neighbourhood to further inform the emerging vision, design, and operating plan for the centre. If you are a resident of the neighbourhood in Chinatown or Strathcona and are interested in attending, please contact us at

BC Artscape 正在與唐人街及附近社區裡的本地藝術家、文化團體、商戶、居民和其他相關人士進行諮詢,為理解社會的需要以及社區目前的藝術和文化環境。



BC Artscape 的空間應該:

  • 敏感地在社區內工作
  • 是一個為社區服務的地方
  • 活動性傳遞文化遺產
  • 個聯繫各文化各年齡的地方
  • 個公共聚會的地點












有機會擴大唐人街的定義,節目應該聯繫附近居住的人,應該包容不同的人和平等 。”-新居民