June Chow 周慕慈

BCA Sun Wah Community Engagement

June Chow 周慕慈 is co-founder of the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown 青心在唐人街 that advocates for cultural revitalization as key to (re)building community within the quickly changing neighbourhood. The group’s mahjong socials and Cantonese school offer place-based opportunities to actively learn and practice the intangible cultural heritage of the area––as an act of reclaiming knowledge and its transfer across generations and cultures. June is a Lifetime Member and Director in her third consecutive term of the Hoy Ping Benevolent Association, one of the numerous Chinese family societies that continue to call Chinatown home. She works as a community consultant for projects in and impacting the historic area, and previously, as an external relations professional at the University of British Columbia for over ten years. A Cantonese-speaking second-generation Chinese Canadian, June is a member of the Premier’s new Chinese Canadian Community Advisory Committee to strengthen social, economic and cultural ties among members of the Chinese diaspora in B.C. and around the world.