BC Artscape is leasing approximately 48,000 square feet of the Sun Wah building to create a community arts and culture centre.  Spanning three floors as well as the rooftop, the community arts and culture centre will be a multi-tenanted facility where artists, local residents, community organizations, governments and businesses combine their efforts to foster culture and support community.  Programming and uses will be determined through the engagement and advice of the Chinatown community, but might include exhibition, production, performance, studios, non-profit offices and indoor/ outdoor programming space.



Please note that the below schedule is our best estimate at this early stage and we will make updates regularly as we move forward into development.

  • December 2016 Info Sessions:
    • December 2, 2016: INFO SESSION #1, 9-11AM at 268 Keefer
    • December 6, 2016: INFO SESSION #2, 12-2PM, 268 Keefer Street (presentations will start at 12:15PM, 12:45PM and 1:15PM followed by tours)
    • December 8, 2016: INFO SESSION #3, 5-6:30PM, 268 Keefer Street
  • January 14, 2017: INFO SESSION for the Chinese-speaking community in Chinatown and Metro Vancouver from 1–4 PM. Presentations are scheduled for 1:00PM and 2:30PM and will be followed by a Q&A period and guided tours of the space. Translation will be provided in Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • February 2017: Report Back to Community Events 系列的“給社會的報告”活動
    • Report Back #1 – February 22nd 5:30PM (presentation will start at 5:45PM)  2月22日 下午5:30 星期三 (報告於下午5:45開始)
    • Report Back #2 – February 24th 9AM (presentation will start at 9:15AM) 2月24日 上午9:00 星期五 (報告於上午9:15開始)
    •  Report Back #3 – February 26th 1PM (presentation will start at 1:15PM) 2月26日 下午1:00 星期日 (報告於下午1:15開始)
  • February-September 2017: Design + Construction
  • October 2017: Expected Occupancy

Share Your Vision 分享你的願景

Are you a member of the Chinatown community or do you frequently visit Chinatown? We want to hear your ideas for a community arts and culture centre! Your responses will assist us with developing the vision and operating plan for the centre to ensure it accurately reflects community need and aspirations. Participating in our Community Visioning Survey will take approximately 5-10 minutes.

Take the Survey



Community Engagement

BC Artscape is committed to community engagement as an essential part of our project development process.  With the support of June Chow and Carmut Me, we are undertaking extensive consultations with a broad range of local artists, cultural groups, business owners, residents, and other stakeholders on the role of an arts and cultural space in Chinatown. Our community engagement work informs the emerging project vision, design, and operating plan for the centre as we move forward through project development into operation.

If you would like to share your vision for BC Artscape Chinatown with us, please fill out the Community Visioning Survey at the link above.

BC Artscape 承若與社會聯繫並認知社會的參與是該項目發展過程中很重要的一部分。在周慕慈(June Chow)與米家宓(Carmut Me)的協助下,我們正在進行廣泛的社會諮詢,與本地藝術家、文化團體、商戶、居民、和其他相關人士計議這個藝術與文化空間在華埠能夠扮演什麼角色。


如果你希望與我們分享你對BC Artscape 華埠項目的意見,請前往網站上面的社會願景調查問卷Community Visioning Survey.