Globe and Mail on Artscape’s “winning mix”, BC Artscape

In Toronto, our affiliate Artscape works with numerous development partners to bring innovative cultural space development projects to life. BC Artscape will leverage and apply nearly three decades of Artscape’s leading approach to new local projects.

In an article published May 25 entitled “Arts and real estate – a winning mix Artscape is exporting to B.C.,” CEO Tim Jones of Artscape discusses with Mitchell Cohen, President of The Daniels Corporation, why incorporating the arts into development is key to building cities of the future. By Guy Dixon for the Globe and Mail.

“‘ Tim and Artscape understand the importance of not parachuting in from the top into a community and saying, ‘Here’s what’s going to happen,’ said Mitchell Cohen, president of Daniels Corp. “I think that’s one of the key skills that Artscape has developed, that they are now exporting around the country and exporting around the world, in terms of how a cultural organization can play a role in a community by listening to the community,” he said.”