BC Artscape 268 Keefer – Report Back to Community Events 給社會的報告

BC Artscape is hosting a series of Report Back to the Community events to share the results of our Expression of Interest submission process and the next steps for our Chinatown community arts and cultural centre development and tenanting process.

Report Back events will be held on the 3rd floor of 268 Keefer Street* on the following dates:

  • Wednesday February 22nd at 5:30PM (presentation will begin at 5:45PM)
  • Friday February 24th at 9AM (presentation will begin at 9:15AM)
  • Sunday February 26th at 1PM (presentation will begin at 1:15PM)

We look forward to seeing you at the events! If you know someone who is would be interested in attending please share this message with them. Please also note that if you are unable to attend an event we will post the presentation on our website after February 26th.

*Please RSVP at info@bcartscape.ca if you plan on attending one of the events.


BC Artscape 將會舉辦一系列的“給社會的報告”活動,為分享從我們接收意向函過程中提供的結果,以及我們的華埠文化藝術中心的發展和租戶選擇過程的下一步。


  • 2月22日 下午5:30 星期三 (報告於下午5:45開始)
  • 2月24日 上午9:00 星期五 (報告於上午9:15開始)
  • 2月26日 下午1:00 星期日 (報告於下午1:15開始)